After ending my carrier in February 2010 with the Universiade I went for a short visit to Slovakia in March. Short after my arrival I fell ill and had to have emergency surgery due to peritonitis. I after a few weeks I had recovered from the surgery. As a result of the biopsies taken during that surgery I had to have two further surgeries in Mai and June, which were both more invasive.

I now almost recovered from these surgeries and am still undergoing treatment. For this therapeutic treatment six cycles are set and are due to last until the end of November. Afterwards I will go for a treatment at a health resort to recover so that I can look forward to the Christmas holidays refreshed.

Unfortunately my illness prevents me from doing any sportive activities and thus I have not trained since March and have lost what it feels like, every muscle I had. But I hope that the treatment will show some success so that I can hopefully start to do a little sport come the New Year. So fingers crossed…

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