New pictures online:
Winter Universiade 2011
Golden Spin 2010


Winter Universiade 2011 Erzurum, Turkey

Goodbye to competitions


30.01.11 From today until the 7th of January I'll be in Turkey at the Winter Universade. This will be my last tournament.

03.01.11 I wish you a happy and healthy new year. From 1st to 8th of January I'll be at the German Championchip.

13.07.10 Whole of Berlin has no ice at the moment so just athletic training. But due to pain once a day. Ice training starts again in August and then hopefully twice a day.

20.04.10 The treatment in Munich was quite intense but I'm back in Berlin now. I've started training again one hour a day to get the feeling back and i'll wait to see how it goes.

22.03.10 Unfortunately I am still not able to start with my build up training after the surgeries. As of from tomorrow I will be in Munich for treatment.

18.03.10 New photo album online. I was assistant coach for Clemens Brummer at the Mont Blanc Trophy, Italy.

14.10.09 I have called the whole season off due to injuries. I will be having surgery on my foot in November and my hip in December.

Welcome to my newly created website!

For those who know me, I'm glad you take an interest in my skating. For those who don’t know me, I'm a figure skater for Germany. I live and train in Berlin and am competing internationally.

Have a look around. For any queries or comments don't hesitate to contact me.

And now ENJOY… Constanze Paulinus


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